Get started!
Welcome aboard, Founder! Welcome to StartupFast! 👋
Here's a quick guide how to launch your app. Just follow these steps, and you'll be up and running in no time.
Let's 5-minute tutorial, and let's get your project off the ground as soon as possible! 🚀
Before you start
Make sure that you are accepted the github invitation link. After you bought StartupFast, you should recieve an email with the github invite link. Please make sure you were added to the repository!
Make sure that you have NodeJS installed. Without that you cannot run the code!
StartupFast requires Node 18.17 or greater. Type node -v in your terminal to check version.
Please open up a terminal on your local machine and run the following commands one-by-one to install.
git clone [APP_NAME]
npm install
git remote remove origin
npm dun dev
Open StartupFast
Open up your favorite browser and type http://localhost:3000 to check if everything is working. If you got any error message in the console please contact us!
App structure
/app → Here goes the Pages of your application.
/app/api → Here you can create your API endpoints
/components → This folder stores the components of your app. eg: (buttons, cards, etc)
/models → This folder stores the models for your endpoints and database schemas.
.env file
Please check the structure of your .env file Here you can set your keys for your app. Please provide every nessecary key for your app to work properly.
Your .env.local file should look like this:

.env.local file template

All of these are documented. Please check it. Without configuring this file, your app will not work.
It is where you configure your app. Each key is documented to know how and why it's used. Have a thorough look at it: This is the most important file of your whole application!
Now go ahead and follow this tutorial to get your startup live within 5 minutes!