Configure your landing page
Let's get your startup in front of your customers in 5 minutes 🚀
We're building a beautiful landing page and adding forms to collect emails for a waitlist (optional)
Finish this tutorial to be featured on our homepage ⭐️
If you havent't already, clone the repo and run the server locally. See the Get Started tutorial.
After you succesfully cloned the repository, go to the following file: App/page.jsx. It will look something like this:


1import Navbar from "@/components/Navbar";
2import CardSection from "@/components/CardSection";
3import FAQ from "@/components/FAQ";
4import Footer from "@/components/Footer";
5import Stats from "@/components/Stats";
7export default function Home() {
8  return (
9    <>
10      <Navbar />
11      <main>
12        <Stats />
13        <FAQ />
14        <CardSection />
15        <Footer />
16      </main>
17    </>
18  );
Feel free to add or remove any components in a way that best fits your needs!
If you want the call to action to be functioning, you should set up your MongoDB Database before!
Time to Deploy! If you need any help, navigate to our deployment-guide!