Note: Ensure that you've set up the database before proceeding with this step. If you haven't done so yet, please refer to our database-tutorial.
1. Set your KEY's in your .env.local file!
For the authentication to work, you should set the following keys in your .env.local file: GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID, GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET.
You should also set the NEXTAUTH_SECRET. (For the NextAuth secret you can insert any text. Please make sure that this is rendomly generated or a really hard key!)
To get your google keys, head to the google-console where you can register your own application!
2. Adding new ways of Authentication!
If you want to add any other autentication option like Github or Facebook you can just modify the following file api/auth/[...nextauth]/route.js. Here you can add your own way of authentication.